Raw Cacao Beans - 8 oz

Theobroma cacao L, Criollo


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These heirloom cacao beans are loaded with more flavor, aroma, and zing than nibs and cacao powder. Why? Just ask any coffee connoisseur which is better: fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. They'll tell you that the aroma, flavor, and purity of coffee last longer in the whole bean. The same is true for cacao.

Cacao beans are the original dairy-free, sugarless chocolate: crunchy, flavorful and packed with powerful nutrients, cell-protecting antioxidants, and natural mood-boosters. Simply snack on a handful of these crunchy treats for a concentrated burst of nutrients and energy that will keep you whistling all day!

Revered by ancient cultures as the food of the gods, Cacao was once traded as currency. Today, science is catching up with the ancients: these sugarless treats provide more cell-protecting antioxidants than any food on earth! Plus, they contain mood-boosting phytochemicals (including theobromine and anandamide) and they provide some of the same molecules your brain produces when you're happy or in love. Even the fats in cacao are good for you — so snack away!

  • Even the fats in cacao are good for you — so snack away!
  • Sugarless whole-food chocolate
  • A mood-boosting, energizing alternative to coffee
  • Ecologically grown and carefully dried and fermented for maximum purity and nutrition
  • RAW, unroasted cacao for excellent aroma, flavor, and nutrition

More Details

heirloom cacao pods

Heirloom cacao

Cooperative Cacao Farms

Our source is a cooperative of many small farmers. These small farmers and their ancestors have cared for their land for centuries, cultivating traditional Andean and Amazonian foods without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The farmers of the cooperative all work together to help each other create the finest quality cacao. Whenever necessary, the cooperative provides its members with financial aid and technical assistance to ensure a superior harvest — both in the short run and in the long run.

Beyond Organic Cacao

Beyond the basic requirements for organic certification, our partners encourage and share natural techniques for enhancing soil health and controlling pests, weeds, and disease — all of which is better for the cacao AND for the environment.

In addition to being organic, our entire cacao cooperative receives a certification similar to “Fair Trade,” ensuring overall social responsibility and positive environmental impact. Our “Fair Choice” certification ensures fair and healthy operations in a wide range of areas including working conditions, medical access, fair pay, health and safety, child protection, and environment and community impact.

raw cacao beans

raw cacao beans

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low-temp fermented cacao

Truly Raw Cacao Beans

Cacao beans from freshly split pods are fermented under control at 40°C / 104°F and then washed in potable water before being solar-dried.

The final product is checked and graded, then bagged for shipment to our facility in the US.

The Ripple Effect

You are powerful

Our Organic Raw Cacao Beans are your vote for a better world. Across the planet, we seek the finest superfoods and pay a premium for the exceptional craftsmanship of small farmers, cooperatives, and indigenous communities. We also give back 1% to local non-profits like Amazon Watch, who protect the land and the communities who depend on it.

Every Product has an origin

and an impact

You stand at the finish line of an amazing journey with a miraculous beginning: Soil, Water, Sunshine...and Seed. With care and craftsmanship, Life unfolds, blossoms, and thrives. No chemicals needed. Just skill, hard work, and love for the land.

Every point on this map is a place that you touch. A farm. A community. An economy. An ecosystem.

These are the origins. You are the source.