Mesquite Powder (Argentinean Organic)

Prosopis juliflora
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If you know Carob, you'll love its protein-rich cousin, Mesquite. Mesquite is a hearty tree that survives in the driest climates, and its bean pods have been used as a power food for centuries by the desert-dwellers of South America.

Our sweet, low-glycemic Mesquite powder adds fiber, protein, and sweet caramel flavor to smoothies, desserts, and baking recipes. It's perfect for gluten-free flour mixes, and its sweet, earthy flavor blends well with cacao and maca drinks.

Mesquite contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and is also rich in the amino acid lysine. With 15% protein, it satisfies hunger, and its high fiber levels (30%) make Mesquite is a slow-acting carbohydrate — meaning it absorbs into the blood slower than high-glycemic carbs, so it won't spike your blood sugar. It's also very low in fat — only 3%. Mesquite also contains a host of phytochemicals and antioxidants, including Quercetin, which is being studied for a wide variety of health benefits, and Mesquite's high levels of lysine are a perfect balance to the higher arginine levels found in wheat, nuts, and cacao.

  • Gluten-free flour, perfect for baking (usually blended with other flours)
  • Adds thickness, nutrition, and unique sweet flavor to smoothies, desserts, soups and more
  • Sweet, earthy flavor, goes well with cacao, cinnamon, and a wide variety of fruits and nuts.
  • Sustainably grown by indigenous desert communities

More Details

fair trade mesquite farm

Our mesquite farmers

Beyond Fair Trade

At Essential Living Foods, we are proud to collaborate with indigenous people, expanding sustainable agriculture around the world. In the desert highlands of Peru where very little grows, the mighty mesquite tree has always been an ally of the indigenous people, offering shade and nourishment while protecting precious soil. Extremely heat and drought-tolerant, the mesquite tree is known for its continuous yields provides both nourishment and a sustainable livelihood, creating income for the locals who harvest and process the tree's pods into this delicious flour that they share with the world.

Protecting Eco-Systems

Unfortunately, over the last fifty years, tens of thousands of acres of mesquite have been burned to make way for unsustainable cattle ranching. By supporting mesquite as an important everyday food source, you help to put a stop to this aggressive deforestation.
ancient mesquite forest

organic mesquite trees

blooming mesquite flowers

blooming mesquite flowers


This mesquite meal is 100% organic — grown in remote regions where no chemicals of any kind have ever been used. Our pods ripen on the tree and are never picked green, ensuring the highest nutrient content possible.


When the mesquite pods have reached full maturity, they are hand-picked directly from the tree. Some operations will collect fallen mesquite pods from the ground but we forbid this practice since fallen pods are more likely to be contaminated with mold.
raw mesquite pods

Raw Mesquite Pods

mesquite powder dryer

processing mesquite powder


Once collected, the pods are rinsed and shade-dried before being ground and sifted to create a smooth texture. The final product is bagged and shipped to our air-conditioned facility in Southern California.

The Ripple Effect

You are powerful

Argentinean Organic Mesquite Powder is your vote for a better world. Across the planet, we seek the finest superfoods and pay a premium for the exceptional craftsmanship of small farmers, cooperatives, and indigenous communities. We also give back 1% to local non-profits like Amazon Watch, who protect the land and the communities who depend on it.

Every Product has an origin

and an impact

You stand at the finish line of an amazing journey with a miraculous beginning: Soil, Water, Sunshine...and Seed. With care and craftsmanship, Life unfolds, blossoms, and thrives. No chemicals needed. Just skill, hard work, and love for the land.

Every point on this map is a place that you touch. A farm. A community. An economy. An ecosystem.

These are the origins. You are the source.