Hemp Seeds (Organic, Raw)

Cannabis sativa
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Hemp seeds are the ultimate life-sustaining food: nutritionally complete and perfectly balanced. These soft, buttery little seeds add nutty flavor and unparalleled nutrition to anything you can imagine: smoothies, nut butters, trail mixes, nut milks, bar formulas, soups, salads, desserts, baking, and more. Hemp seeds provides a hefty dose of complete protein, along with healthy fiber, chlorophyll, B vitamins, and minerals. Hemp seeds' moisturizing, anti-inflammatory oils may be one of the most perfectly balanced on Earth, with the ideal ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, plus the rare Gamma Linolenic Acid (which you won't find in flax or chia). They're also ultra-sustainable and organically grown. Since the earliest recorded history (and going far into the archeological record), mankind has thrived alongside the hemp plant. In addition to its nutritious seeds, hemp is one of the most sustainable crops on Earth, providing a wide variety of raw materials that can replace unsustainable fossil fuel waste, virgin forest extraction, and intensive cotton production.
  • The ultimate life-sustaining food, nutritionally complete and ideally balanced.
  • Great in everything: smoothies, nut butters, trail mixes, soups, salads, desserts, baking, and more.
  • Nutty flavor, optimal nutrition, and ultra-sustainable — a truly feel-good product.

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organic hemp farm

organic hemp fields

Fair Trade Hemp

Our supplier works closely with a group of about 20 hemp farmers, who are also shareholders in the company — a value-added incentive that makes these seeds more than just a commodity crop. (Many of our farms work on this level, often involving farmers in the processing of their product in order to reward them with a greater share of the final profits). This profit-sharing relationship not only rewards the hard work of these caretakers of the Earth, it also motivates them to keep quality, flavor, and nutrition as high as possible.

Certified Organic Hemp

Our organic certified, GMO-free hemp seeds are harvested, pressed, packaged and stored with utmost attention to ensure premium nutrient content and freshness. After harvest, the hemp seeds (in-shell) are collected in a state-of-the-art processing facility for grading and storage. Each batch of hemp seeds is made to order to ensure freshness. The seeds' hard outer shell is machine-cracked and run through a series of mesh sequences that separate the shell from the nutritious inner kernel, or the "hemp heart" as it's sometimes known. All this is done at RAW temperatures to protect delicate omega oils from oxidation, and batches are regularly tested for purity and quality.
raw hemp seeds

in-shell hemp seeds

raw hemp seeds

hulled raw hemp seeds

Secure Supply Chain

The freshly-shelled seeds are pressed, milled, and packaged in air-tight containers with inert gas to ensure freshness, dated, and shipped to our climate-controlled warehouse in Los Angeles. As with all hemp products imported to the US, our hemp seeds are tested and validated to contain 0.00% THC, so they will not cause a false positive drug tests or psychoactive effects.

The Ripple Effect

You are powerful

From the driest desert to the lushest rainforest, our commitment to sustainable organic agriculture protects healthy soil, clean water, and wildlife habitat. Across the planet, we seek the finest superfoods and pay a premium for the exceptional craftsmanship of small farmers, cooperatives, and indigenous communities. We also give back 1% to local non-profits like Amazon Watch, who protect the land and the communities who depend on it.

Every Product has an origin

and an impact

You stand at the finish line of an amazing journey with a miraculous beginning: Soil, Water, Sunshine...and Seed. With care and craftsmanship, Life unfolds, blossoms, and thrives. No chemicals needed. Just skill, hard work, and love for the land.

Every point on this map is a place that you touch. A farm. A community. An economy. An ecosystem.

These are the origins. You are the source.