Antioxidant Boost
Cacao beans are the antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense seeds at the heart of a sweet, fleshy pod fruit first discovered in the Amazon by ancient indigenous people. Cacao fueled energy, inspiration, stamina and health, spawning new cultures and vast empires. Traded by freemen and lauded by kings, it once was — and still may be — more valuable than gold, with its potent cocktail of cell-protecting antioxidant flavonoids, brain-boosting phytochemicals, and treasure trove of essential minerals.
  • Coco GoGo organic chocolate drink mix

    Coco GoGo - 11oz



    100% organic chocolate energy drink mix. This rich superfood powder contains a blend of cacao powder, guarana, lucuma, mesquite, coconut sugar, vanilla and Himalayan Sea Salt.
  • raw organic cacao powder 14oz

    Indonesian Cacao Powder (Raw, Organic)



    100% RAW low-temperature cacao powder from Bali, Indonesia. The original superfood powder, this a sugarless raw chocolate powder mix is packed with antioxidants, magnesium, and natural energizing mood-boosting nutrients.
  • Diet Support organic superfood supplement

    Diet Support -7g


    Organic Diet Support Superfood Powders. Each 7gm servings contains: Sencha Green Tea, Green Coffee, Ginger, Raw Cacao, Maca and Cinnamon. A 100% organic blend of superfoods traditionally revered for activating metabolism in easy to use on-the-go packets. 15 stick-packs per box. $3.35/serving.