Oils and Butters

The Essentials
Oils provide essential nutrients and help with absorption of nutrients for every system and process in the body, from your cell walls to your skin.
  • raw organic almond butter

    Almond Butter (Organic Raw)

    Starting at:$25.99USD

    Starting at:$22.09USD

    Truly RAW unpasteurized, living Almond Butter, with active enzymes and undamaged nutrients. Why roast or steam almonds when they're better straight off the tree?

  • Brazil Nut Butter with Honey Organic 12oz

    Brazil Nut Butter with Honey Organic 12oz

    Starting at:$19.99USD

    Starting at:$16.99USD

    This is a delicious, rainforest-friendly, nut butter made from raw honey and cold-milled Brazil nuts rich in protein, antioxidants, magnesium, selenium and heart-healthy fats.

  • 7oz raw cacao butter

    Cacao Butter (Organic Raw Indonesian)

    Starting at:$10.99USD

    Starting at:$9.34USD

    100% RAW low-temperature cacao butter from Bali, Indonesia, an artisanal fair-trade delicacy made with love. This golden white chocolate is great for dessert recipes and skin balms.