Super Powders

The Power of Powders
Superfood Powders are an amazing way to assure you have the nutrients your body needs to stay balanced. Some enhance mental clarity or nurture healthy libidos, while others provide energy, vital minerals and powerful antioxidants to run your system at optimal capacity.
  • Organic Freeze Dried Açaí Powder

    Acai Powder - Freeze Dried (Organic)

    Starting at:$27.79USD

    Starting at:$20.84USD

    Organic Acai Powder, freeze-dried, for maximum antioxidant, nutrient, and flavor content. Rich in anthocyanins, this low-carb fruit provides essential fatty acids, fiber, and protein.
  • Raw Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder

    Alfalfa Juice Powder (Raw Organic)

    Starting at:$27.99USD

    Starting at:$20.99USD

    Alfalfa juice is an all-around superfood, rich in antioxidants and minerals. This great green helps your body detox, cleanse and feel full of plant life energy!

  • Organic Athletic Performance Mushroom Powder

    Athletic Performance Mushroom Powder (Organic)

    Starting at:$21.99USD

    Starting at:$16.49USD

    Pure medicinal mushrooms that synergize to support energy & recovery for optimal athletic performance. purity tested, and powdered BELOW 120F for maximum vitality and bioactive profile.

  • unpasteurized organic grass feed whey protein concentrate 9oz

    Organic Whey Protein Concentrate

    Starting at:$34.99USD

    Discover the delicious, life-enhancing benefits of the world's finest non-denatured, low-temperature-processed whey concentrate, made exclusively from pasture-raised organic milk
  • Reishi Variety Mushroom Powder

    Reishi Variety Mushroom Powder (Organic)

    Starting at:$18.99USD

    Our Reishi mushroom powder is purity tested, and powdered BELOW 120° F for maximum vitality. It’s an incredible anti-inflammatory immune booster for recovery and healing.
  • Organic Spirulina Powder

    Spirulina Powder (Organic)

    Starting at:$175.37USD

    Spirulina is the ultimate vegan protein. This Superfood algae contains all 8 essential amino acids, detoxifying chlorophyll, the essential fatty acid GLA, plus B vitamins and trace minerals.

  • Raw Organic Superfoods Smoothie Powder Mix

    Superfood Smoothie Organic 14oz

    Starting at:$24.99USD

    Starting at:$18.74USD

    Our energizing, hunger-satisfying formula is incredibly rich in complete protein, antioxidants, omega 3s, phytosterols, immunity-supporting bioflavonoids, minerals and vitamins
  • raw organic vanilla powder

    Vanilla Powder Organic 4oz

    Starting at:$24.99USD

    Raw, organic ground vanilla bean, grown organically in sustainable, fair-trade worker cooperatives, hand picked from the blooms of the vanilla orchid and cured in the sun.