Organic Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Cold Pressed & Unfiltered)

Olea europaea Botija
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250 ml
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Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is "an essential natural fruit juice extract,” a must in every kitchen. Truly RAW and absolutely pure, it exceeds the highest standards in the industry, outperforming "cold-pressed" and "extra virgin" olive oils on every measure of quality, flavor, and nutrition.

This exquisite organic olive oil is made on one of Peru's first organic farms and extracted from a unique strain of hand-picked olive. Truly cold-pressed in a traditional, slow process that never exceeds 70° F, this rich artisan oil is decanted (instead of being vacuum filtered) to protect its rich flavor and aroma. This process also protects the oil’s powerful nutrients, especially its nourishing fatty acids and heart-healthy polyphenols.

It's a difference you will taste: a balance of sweet, buttery notes with the satisfying spice of real olive polyphenols.

Savor this vibrant culinary gem! It's more than health food - it's Essential Living Food.

  • Artisanal extra virgin olive oil: truly RAW and unfiltered.
  • Perfect for high-end culinary and nutritional uses.
  • Exquisite flavor and aroma
  • Exclusively from single-origin, estate-grown, heirloom olives
  • Exceeds the highest standards in the industry for purity and sustainability
  • Decanted (instead of being vacuum filtered) to retain aroma molecules (preserves distinctive olive flavor)
  • The acidity of the oil is less than 0.05% — a marker of incredible freshness and minimal rancidity
  • Authentic spicy flavor of real olive oil with a high polyphenol content

More Details

organic olive farmer

Artisan farming

Olive Experts

Peruvian olive experts Jose “Pepe” Vico and his wife Margit used innovative permaculture techniques to turn a 48 acre stretch of salted desert soil into a sustainable oasis of biodiversity — the first organic olive farm in Peru.

Virgin Land

"Chacra Blanca," their name for this beautiful stretch of Peruvian coastal desert, has never been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, the Vicos use sustainable agriculture practices to keep the soil rich and to make their olive products simply delicious. Not only is it organic, the farm is EUREGAP Certified for "Good Agricultural Practices," and all its olive products are certified Kosher.
organic olive farm

heirloom olive farm

organic olives

Organic Botija Olives

Sustainable Agriculture

The entire farm is a sustainable circle of interdependence, filled with the fragrant scents of citrus, eucalyptus and fig trees that are planted along with the olive trees, creating a biodiversity that is ideal for protecting the olives and enhancing their flavor. Vico pioneered a unique compost made from pruning of the olive trees, along with rich manure from the farm's goats, sheep, and horses (who are only given organic feed). It takes a year for this compost to “cook,” but it provides the perfect nutrients for the soil without damaging the environment. For insect prevention, Vico uses a special spray that he invented: an extract from olive leaves. These pioneering organic methods have dramatically increased yields — four to seven-year-old trees producing as much as a typical twelve year old tree.

Truly Raw Heirloom Olives

The Vicos have cultivated a rare strain of olive tree. These "Botija" trees are the hardiest we’ve ever seen, and they produce large, plum-like olives with a robust flavor and meaty texture.

Every olive is manually harvested and pitted. Table olives are cured with traditional "lacto-fermentation," using only sea salt and local spring water (instead of the fast, cheap & toxic chemical methods used in the modern olive industry). However olives grown specifically for olive oil production skip the curing process. While most other olive oils claim to be “cold-pressed,” they are usually produced at hundreds of degrees, destroying enzymes and vital nutrients. ELF’s oil is truly cold-pressed — production temperature never exceeds 70° F — and then naturally decanted to produce a living oil, ensuring excellent flavor and incredible health benefits.
heirloom olives

heirloom botija olives

raw olives in spring water and sea salt

Raw Olives in Spring Water & Sea Salt

Traditional Cold Press

While still on the tree, when the olives color changes, these tree ripened olives are harvested by hand, selected and graded, then washed with cold, clean, pressurized water. The olives are passed through a dicer to create an olive mush which is collected for oil pressing.

At this point, nearly every olive oil producer would use a centrifuge or a hydraulic press, exposing the olive oil to incredibly high heat to accelerate pressing. Instead, our oil is truly cold pressed at temperature that never exceed 70° F, so all of the beneficial properties, rich flavor and heady aroma are preserved. The olive mush is painstakingly arranged in a traditional granite screw press. The granite slabs are slowly screwed together until every drop of oil has been squeezed out: a very, very slow process that is absolutely worth the effort.

Many producers would use vacuum pumps to suction their oil through filters (quickly and conveniently removing olive sediment). Unfortunately, this vacuum process pulls off many of the volatile aroma molecules, "flattening" the oil's aroma and flavor signature. Instead, our oil is painstakingly decanted.

The exquisite final product is bottled and carefully sealed from light and air for shipping to our air-conditioned facility in Southern California.

The Ripple Effect

You are powerful

This product is your vote for a better world. Across the planet, we seek the finest superfoods and pay a premium for the exceptional craftsmanship of small farmers, cooperatives, and indigenous communities. We also give back 1% to local non-profits like Amazon Watch, who protect the land and the communities who depend on it.

Every Product has an origin

and an impact

You stand at the finish line of an amazing journey with a miraculous beginning: Soil, Water, Sunshine...and Seed. With care and craftsmanship, Life unfolds, blossoms, and thrives. No chemicals needed. Just skill, hard work, and love for the land.

Every point on this map is a place that you touch. A farm. A community. An economy. An ecosystem.

These are the origins. You are the source.