Vitality isn't always about MAXIMUM ENERGY. Sometimes you need calm and resilience in the eye of the storm. These balancing superfoods will keep you strong and centered, while stilling the fluctuations of mind and body.
  • Raw organic trail mix:  Enlighten Mix 3 oz

    Enlighten Mix

    Starting at:$5.99USD

    This fragrant tropical mix of 100% Organic, Non-GMO Ingredients: Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Chips, Mango Pieces, While Mulberries, and Pistachios provides satisfying protein and fiber in a succulent, sensuous package.
  • Immunity Blend Mushroom Powder

    Immunity Blend Mushroom Powder (Organic)

    Starting at:$25.99USD

    This premium quality powder is a blend of pure medicinal mushrooms that synergize to support optimal immune function. Purity tested, and powdered BELOW 120F for maximum vitality

  • Maca Powder (Organic, Blend) 14oz

    Maca Powder (Organic, Blend) 14oz

    Starting at:$49.99USD

    Mild-tasting premium organic adaptogen, similar to ginsing, great for energy, recovery, libido, and stress-busting.