Vitality isn't always about MAXIMUM ENERGY. Sometimes you need calm and resilience in the eye of the storm. These balancing superfoods will keep you strong and centered, while stilling the fluctuations of mind and body.
  • organic athletic fuel superfood elixir

    Athletic Fuel Elixir - 7g


    100% organic blend of herbs, mushrooms and superfoods traditionally revered for enhancing energy & stamina. Contains Cordyceps, Roiboos, Guarana, Chia, Cacao, Beet, Ginger & Stevia.
  • Empower Male Organic supplement stick packs for men

    Empower Male - 7g


    100% organic blend of herbs, superfoods and mushrooms traditionally revered for enhancing masculine pleasure & power. Contains: Cordyceps, Maca, Ashwagandha, American Ginseng, Mucuna and Fenugreek.

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  • Diet Support organic superfood supplement

    Diet Support -7g


    Diet Support Stick-Pack, 7g