Purifying Greens
Chlorophyll is the powerful, light-absorbing and transmuting structure at the foundation of all life, feeding our world with the abundant solar energy of the plant kingdom. It's also a potent detoxifier and a rich source of Magnesium, and tends to hang out with a whole family of vital, alkalyzing nutrients that protect against acidifying, toxic metabolic by-products.
  • Organic Chlorella Powder

    Chlorella Powder (Organic)


    Organic cracked-cell Chlorella, a complete food with a host of health benefits, ranging from detoxification to immune support and more.

  • organic seeds raw

    Hemp Seeds (Organic, Raw)



    Organic, RAW, low-carb hemp seeds (or hemp hearts) with complete protein, perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and excellent digestibility.
  • Organic Spirulina Powder

    Spirulina Powder (Organic)


    Spirulina is the ultimate vegan protein. This Superfood algae contains all 8 essential amino acids, detoxifying chlorophyll, the essential fatty acid GLA, plus B vitamins and trace minerals.