We proudly ensure gluten-free status for these pristine, carefully-selected superfoods. Whether you're responding to digestive ailments, going low-carb, or experimenting with paths to optimal function and vitality, eating the gluten-free way is an increasingly popular (and healthy) option.
  • raw organic vanilla powder

    Vanilla Powder Organic 4oz

    Starting at:$24.99USD

    Raw, organic ground vanilla bean, grown organically in sustainable, fair-trade worker cooperatives, hand picked from the blooms of the vanilla orchid and cured in the sun.
  • Wild Jungle Peanut Butter  Organic 12oz

    Wild Jungle Peanut Butter Organic 12oz

    Starting at:$14.49USD

    RAW, delicious heirloom peanut butter, bringing better nutrition, greater purity, and preserving precious Amazon rainforest and indigenous communities
  • Wild Protein Organic Vegan Protein Supplement

    Wild Protein Organic 16oz

    Starting at:$27.99USD

    We combined our top vegan protein sources to create an optimal, minimally-processed, low-temperature and ultra-low-sugar formula that nourishes every cell without spiking blood sugar.
  • organic yacon syrup 12oz

    Yacon Syrup (Organic, Peruvian)

    Starting at:$29.99USD

    USDA Certified organic Yacon Syrup is ultra-high in FOS (the pre-biotic fiber which make this an extremely low-glycemic, high-fiber alternative to sugar-rich sweeteners).