Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a risky experiment with the health of our world and our bodies. Everything we need to thrive and survive is available to us if we know what to eat and how to cultivate it sustainably. That's why we're proud to ensure both Organic and Non-GMO status for these exquisite superfoods.
  • Maca Powder (Organic, Blend) 14oz

    Maca Powder (Organic, Blend) 14oz

    Starting at:$49.99USD

    Mild-tasting premium organic adaptogen, similar to ginsing, great for energy, recovery, libido, and stress-busting.
  • machu picchu mix raw organic tail mix 3 oz

    Machu Picchu Mix

    Starting at:$5.99USD

    Starting at:$4.24USD

    This delicious, decadent superfood trail mix of 100% Organic Ingredients (Jungle Peanuts, Raisins, Goldenberries, Cacao Beans, and Maca chunks) gives lasting energy with satisfying protein and fiber.
  • raw organic montana mix 3 oz

    Montana Mix

    Starting at:$8.99USD

    A hardy organic blend of classic ingredients and next-level superfoods: Goji Berries, Pine Nuts, Freeze-dried Blueberries, Almonds, and dairy-free Chocolate-Covered Goji Berries